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Who we are about 

We are a team of Bournemouth University students, running a Film Festival to celebrate the intersection of LGBTQ+ and Ethnic Minority communities in Bournemouth. The event is in partnership with the LGBT+ Network for Change and Dorset Race Equality Council.

The 'All for One' Film Festival and discussion, will run mainly as a open and conversational space, featuring short films that address issues within the community, followed by guest speakers, who will discuss their personal experiences, as well as encourage the audience to have their own conversations and make connections within the community.

The event is 18+ only. There will be Prizes up for grabs, and Flirt Cafe's full menu available to order from.

We want to celebrate the diversity and intersectionality of the community through this free event and we hope to see you there.


Who is Dorset Race Equality Council?

Dorset Race Equality Council (Dorset REC) is an independent race and religion equality body in Dorset.

We have been operating since the 1990s, originally as a Race Equality Network. We became a charity and a company limited by guarantee in 2004 and then Dorset Race Equality Council under the realm of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE).

Unlike many other race equality councils across the country, we survived the demise of the CRE, thanks to support from community members and local partners such as the Local Authorities and Dorset Police, among others.

What is our vision?

Our vision is one of strong, safe and sustainable communities in Dorset in which diversity is valued and people of all races / ethnicities have equal opportunities and live free from discrimination.

What is our mission?

Dorset Race Equality Council’s mission is:

  • To support individuals, communities and institutions in challenging racism

  • To celebrate diversity

  • To promote equality of opportunity for all in Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole


For more info contact: 

Who is the LGBT+ Network for Change?

Supporting our LGBT+ and LGBTQ+ community and LGBT+ Allies, We work  for a homophobia, bi-phobia, and transphobia free, inclusive society, organisations and businesses through educational resources and policy change & development activity!

To learn more about the Network, including our initiatives (such as LGBTQ+  homeless, developing NHS services that are truly LGBT+ inclusive, and for our ethnic minority & international LGBT+ community), educational support for Allies, community members advocacy support (help with challenging workplace bullying, discrimination in housing & accomodation, and more), and signposting resources, please visit and email us at 

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